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Concrete Fountain

Concrete Fountain

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Concrete Fountain
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Concrete Fountain Review

It is suggested that this fountain top is not left outside in the winter. Once the top fills with water snow and freezes, the top may crack. All fountain bases should be raised up off the ground in winter so they will not freeze to the ground surface. Ideally, a fountain should be stored indoors in the winter away from the elements. However, if a fountain bowl must be left outside, remove all pumps, rubber stoppers, drain pipes, finials, and small components, and cover the top with burlap or... ( Read more ... )
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Illuminate your space with a touch of contemporary style. Warm and luminous this lamp will make a refreshing and stylish addition to your space.
Super sleek and modern stainless steel and silver mirror wall mounted water fountain for home or office. Take advantage of the holiday discount and give the gift of beauty this year with Contempo Falls indoor water fountain. The Contempo Falls water fountain combines simplicity of design with a futuristic look that will bring youryour living or office space up to date. Bluworld's indoor water falls are compact and wall mounted, so they can attract attention without overpowering a space. The...
Contempo Solare indoor water fountains can make an outdated space look modern or a modern space look futuristic. The dark copper powder coated stainless steel frame surrounds a textured tempered bronze mirror. The texture on the mirror causes the water to break into ripples as it journeys down the surface, creating an effect that is pleasing to the eye and soothing to the ear. For the times when sunlight isn't glistening off this wonderful water feature, there is an LED accent light. Bluworld's...
SlateTech Lightweight Slate is a secret process that lifts a thin layer of slate from a solid slab. Bluworld combine that with Bluworld's natural hand-chipped edge making youryour fountain virtually indistinguishable from heavy solid slate with only a fraction of the weight. Designed by the same engineers that create Bluworlds custom waterfalls SlateTech Indoor wall fountains feature fully integrated stainless steel plumbing, low voltage warm white LED lighting with remote and arrives virtually...
Designed and engineered by the world leader in exquisite custom Waterfall design, the Gardenfall is made with the same passion for design and quality as our custom products. For over 10 years the Gardenfall Floor Fountain has been our most popular and sought after fountain, made with the highest quality products it's easy to see why.
When one thinks of water fountains, they often think of ancient stone structures, perhaps accented with bronze, with water pouring majestically down the structure. Now, with modern technology and materials, you can have that fountain with all of its ancient grandeur right in youryour living room, office, or garden. The Bellezza with Bronze Mirror is made of fiberglass and displays a weathered stone finish and a beautiful tempered bronze mirror, combining the best of the old and new effectively....
This Classic Quarry large Nojoqui Falls wall fountain will instantly become the crowning jewel of any room you put it in, whether it's in youryour home or office. When you look at this fountain, youryour eye will be naturally drawn to the movement of the water over the Jeera Slate to the awaiting polished cream white river rocks. The calming effect of this sight and sound cannot be overstated. Jeera Slate Stone, also known as Zeera or Jeera green slate, is a hard-wearing, waterproof and...
Introducing the Wonder Wonders Moonlight bubbling tabletop water fountain. Moonlight is both dramatic and serene. Water bubbles up the center of two thick glass tiers featuring scalloped edges then gently cascades over the glass edges and drips into the Dark Copper colored bowl. The water, glass tiers and accompanying glass rock all glow brightly from the included LED Light adding drama and interest. At night Moonlight casts beautiful dancing shadows evocative of moonlight on water. This is a...
Fountains fill us with a sense of peace, quieting Bluworld's inner monologues and removing us from the stresses of the day. Imagine after an exhausting day at work, coming home and hearing the sound of water gently falling..close youryour eyes, sit down and relax as you listen. A Bluworld fountain can take you there every time, every day. Super modern in every sense of the word, the Contempo Luna shimmers with stainless steel and silver mirror. Water gently flows and sheets over the mirrored...
Fountains fill us with a sense of peace, quieting Bluworld's inner monologues and removing us from the stresses of the day. Imagine after an exhausting day at work, coming home and hearing the sound of water gently falling..close youryour eyes, sit down and relax as you listen. A Bluworld fountain can take you there every time, every day. Modern in every sense of the word, the Contempo Solare glows with warmth from the dark copper finish and bronze mirror. Water gently flows and sheets over the...

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