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Heidi Jennings 'Geo Pastel' Geometric Dog Pillow with Fleece Cozy Top

Heidi Jennings 'Geo Pastel' Geometric Dog Pillow with Fleece Cozy Top

Would you buy Heidi Jennings 'Geo Pastel' Geometric Dog Pillow with Fleece Cozy Top? We have Heidi Jennings 'Geo Pastel' Geometric Dog Pillow with Fleece Cozy Top here! ( Click Here! )
Heidi Jennings 'Geo Pastel' Geometric Dog Pillow with Fleece Cozy Top
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Heidi Jennings 'Geo Pastel' Geometric Dog Pillow with Fleece Cozy Top Review

Pets deserve to be as comfortable as their humans! This lovely item not only gives your pet the utmost comfort with their fleece cozy top, but they match your house and decor! East Urban Home gives your pet some style by adding vivaciously artistic work onto their favorite place to lay, their pillow! What’s the best part? This is totally machine washable, just unzip the cover and throw it in the washing machine! ( Read more ... )
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This Hide collection is a luxurious selection of exquisite, geometric cowhide area rugs that will complement any space.
This luxurious selection of exquisite, geometric cowhide area rug will complement any space.

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